Emily’s Story

“It’s No Big Deal.”

Emily was our patient when she was six.  She started out fearful, but morphed into a very matter-of-fact young lady who became A-OK with going to the dentist. When we asked her if she would sit down and talk to us about the dental experience from a kid’s point of view, she said yes. Below, excerpts from that interview.


DR. DAN: What’s the best part about coming to the dentist?
EMILY: You get to listen to the music (on the headphones). That’s my favorite part. You also get to relax at the dentist’s on the gas.

DR. DAN: What are the people who are working on you like?
EMILY: Everybody’s friendly, but sometimes you can’t understand what they’re saying because of the masks they wear.  So I just nod.

DR. DAN: Was there anything you were afraid of about coming to the dentist?
EMILY: When they took those pictures of my teeth (x-rays) I was afraid I might swallow it, because it was so far back and it stretched my lip. But it was OK.

DR. DAN: What advice would you give other kids who are a little nervous?
EMILY: I’d tell other kids not to be afraid. If you go to the dentist you’ll get the gas and the music and you just have to open real wide. The water they use to spray your teeth with is cold, and the vibrations are weird….but really, it’s no big deal.