Dale’s Story

“The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done.”
When Dale first came to our office, he was wearing removable partial dentures. One of his upper teeth had broken– a tooth hooked to his upper partial. For him, it was the last straw.
“Not that either of my partials fit well, anyway,” he says. “I was a Fixodent addict and had been one for the last 3-4 years. I had Fixodent tubes


everywhere…in the car, in the house, in every coat pocket. The bad thing is it would wear off as the day wore on. I’d be eating dinner at a restaurant and my partial would start to slip. I’d have to take it out and fix it right there.”
And that wasn’t even the worst part.
“I was at the point where I could eat only soft foods…nothing chewy or crunchy.
Everything had to be cooked until it was falling apart. At that rate, I was afraid I’d be on Pablum before long.”
We extracted the broken tooth, and a few other hopeless ones as well. That’s when he told me he was ready for something more permanent and dependable.
“The last thing I wanted was a lower denture. I knew a lot of people who had lower dentures and didn’t like them. My mom had one; she would start talking and it would fall out of her mouth.” He shakes his head. “I wasn’t sure about dental implants at first. I had a friend who’d had them placed 35 years ago and there were complications. But after reading the brochure and talking to Dr. King, I was convinced it was the way to go.”
But he still had concerns.
“One, how would I heal? I was almost 73. And two, would I really be able to chew well?”
He healed wonderfully, experiencing no pain with his implants. “To me, that was the amazing part,” says Dale. “The other amazing part is that I can eat anything I want now….corn on the cob, for instance.” He grins. “It takes a lot to eat corn on the cob, you know.”
Dale ended up with a new upper denture, a new lower bridge and five lower implants that replace his back teeth.
“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” he says. “They feel just like my own.”