Getting Started

First Visit.

Your first visit will take 90 minutes, and will go something like this: You’ll spend the first 15 minutes with Debbi or Janelle, our treatment coordinators.  Then you’ll meet Elizabeth, Angie, or Carrie, our three hygienists, and either Dr. King or Dr. Reum (if you have a doctor preference, just let us know).

The next thing we’ll do is a new-patient comprehensive mouth exam. This entails an oral cancer screen, digital photos of your teeth, and a periodontal exam, which indicates how healthy your gums are. Then we’ll take digital radiographs of your teeth to diagnose any hidden problems you can’t feel yet. If you need a routine cleaning, we’ll do that too. If you have signs of moderate to advanced gum disease, or an extraordinary amount of calculus (tartar) on your teeth or below your gumline, you may need more than a routine cleaning. We’ll explain that at your next scheduled visit, the treatment consultation….

Second Visit.

During your treatment consultation, we’ll take you on a virtual tour through your mouth, using the photos we obtained at your first visit. This helps to explain what treatment we are recommending for you, and helps you understand why we are recommending it. Then we’ll lay out a road map, so to speak, that will prioritize the things in your mouth that need attention. If something in your mouth is troubling you, tell us. We’ll make that top priority.

After your treatment consultation, you will be given the opportunity to schedule for treatment.

Scheduling your appointment

We respect you and your time commitments and for this reason make every effort to stay on schedule, and to schedule your appointment at a time that is most convenient for you.

In a perfect world, that works perfectly!

But occasionally, dental emergencies demand our time and attention. We sincerely apologize if this situation ever causes you to wait. On the flip side, if you are ever unable to keep your appointment, please call us as soon as you can. We’ll use that time for someone with a dental emergency.

Your Health and Safety

Yes, you’ve heard it before. But in our case, it’s true: your health and safety are, by far, our most important concern.

For your reassurance, please know that we fully comply with all OSHA safety regulations, CDC heath care provider recommendations, and HIPAA privacy regulations.

Along those lines, in our office, all instruments and handpieces are sterilized for your protection. Because it only makes sense.


There’s nothing worse than a toothache; there’s nothing more embarrassing than a front cap that’s come off. If you are in pain or have a dental emergency of some kind, we want to help. If possible, call us early in the day, so we can reserve enough time to treat you.

Dental Insurance

We participate with Delta, Blue Cross, and most other major insurances. If you have dental insurance, please bring your insurance card to your first visit, so we can scan it in your chart.

We also ask that you pay your estimated co-pay at the time dental services are rendered. Don’t worry, we’ll figure that out for you. We’ve got calculators.

Financial policy

We accept cash, checks, Mastercard and Visa. We also offer a 5% courtesy on services over $1000 dollars when you pay by cash or check.

We understand that some patients need to finance their dentistry over time. For this reason, we also offer extended payment plans (some interest-free) through Care Credit, a flexible patient/client payment program specifically designed to cover dental expenses.

In the years we have offered it, Care Credit has helped many of our patients afford the type of dentistry they want and need. If you’re interested, please ask Janelle or Debbie how to apply.