Bleach, Botox and Bling

We call ’em the three B’s. And you can get them all here….. Starting with something you might never have thought you could get at your dentist’s office:

BOTOX. You probably have friends that have had it. Maybe you’ve been considering it yourself. If so, you’re in good company. Ever since its approval by the FDA in 2002, Botox has been the #1 way American women (and more and more, men) are choosing to look, feel, and stay younger.

Dr. Aloe has been delivering Botox for almost 10 years. Her patients range in age from 28-and up. Her first patient? Herself.  And she was…slightly older than 28. Heh, heh.

Dentists are uniquely qualified to deliver Botox, for many reasons: We know facial anatomy, we have talented hands, and we know needles.

Speaking of which; Botox needles are so tiny, you’ll barely feel them. But if you’re at all anxious about it, we can offer you something your physician’s office can’t–complimentary nitrous oxide.

Call us today for a complimentary consult appointment.

And feel free to ask our select group of team members about how Botox has changed what they see when they look in the mirror.

BLING. Oh, the joys of jewels! On your hand,  around your neck….and yes, in your teeth!  If you have gems you want to show off anytime you smile, let us know. We can place them in your enamel, and you can sparkle more than ever. If you don’t have jewels on hand, Dr. King has a special stash. ‘Cause he’s jiggy like that.

BLEACH. An oldie, but a goodie. Bleaching things makes them whiter, and younger-looking. TIP: don’t bleach too much, or your teeth will look fake, and weird-looking. Ask us how to get around that. We know how it works.