We have been thinking about you and hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.


We are eager to welcome you back, and want you to know that keeping you safe during your dental experience is, and has always been, our number one goal.

Although we’ve missed seeing you, we have utilized this time to re-evaluate and heighten our safety and infection control practices, in keeping with the new CDC and ADA recommendations. 

This has been accomplished.

You’ll notice some different things in our office right away; we’ll pre-screen you on the phone, then greet you at our entrance with a forehead thermometer, hand sanitizer and consent form. We will also ask that you wear a mask. If you forget, we’ll supply one at the door.

We have now upgraded our Level 3 masks to N-95 during aerosol (drilling or laser) procedures. And we’ve also added face shields and long-sleeved lab coats to the mix.

We record temperatures on team members every morning, and screen them with the same questions we ask you about Covid symptoms. If we are concerned with any symptoms, we will refer you to your physician, or to the Spectrum Covid help line, #1-833-559-0659.

We have recently learned that travel is not the biggest indicator of Covid potential. Covid-19 is now so widespread, we must all continue to respect that the basics—handwashing, no face touching, social distancing and thoughtful, minimal “in-city” travel for groceries, etc…are still the most important things we can do to protect ourselves.

If you have contacted us during our closure, we are now calling to bring you back into the fold, and our appointment book. If you are as excited as we are to get rolling again, or have any additional issues or questions, please let us hear from you.

See you (and your teeth) soon!

Dr. King, Dr. Aloe, Dr. Reum, Debbie, Janelle, Wendy, Terry, Elizabeth, Angie and Samantha.

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