Meet the Docs

Doctors Kelly Aloe and Dan King.

Drs. Daniel King and Carissima “Kelly” Aloe have practiced dentistry  in Ludington since 1988. Which seems like a long time because, well…it is.

Dan and Kelly met at the University of Detroit Dental School. After marrying in 1984 they headed west to Idaho, where they worked, skied, backpacked and pretty much starved in Boise for three years before moving to Ludington.

Biking on the North Country Trail

These days, when not advising his two college-age daughters, Dr. King has been known to while away the hours whacking golf balls, wading in the river throwing flies, or winding down a mountain bike trail. And, while she fished with him prior to marriage, Dr. Aloe prefers to spend her free time running, swimming, biking, or writing her Weekend Warrior column which appears on the Saturday Rec. page of the Ludington Daily News. In addition, she pens a bi-weekly dental humor column called Mouthing Off!

Drs. King and Aloe are both American Dental Association and Michigan Dental Association members.  Dr. King has been past president twice, and is currently peer review chairperson. Dr. Aloe is the current Manistee-Mason District Dental Society president, and, as of this writing, does not make her husband or anyone else call her “Madame President.”