Make the call

That’s sometimes the hardest step. But don’t worry– Reyna and Deb are great phone people, and they’ll put you at ease right away. If you are calling for a new patient comprehensive exam, they’ll ask you a few questions and let you know what to expect at your first visit. If you are in pain, they’ll make every effort to schedule you in a timely manner.
A new-patient comprehensive mouth exam entails both extraoral and intraoral cancer screens, digital photos and radiographs of your teeth, and a periodontal exam, which indicates how healthy your gums are.  If all you need  is a routine cleaning, we’ll do that too.

If you have signs of moderate to advanced gum disease, or an extraordinary amount of calculus (tartar) on your teeth or below your gumline, you may need more than a routine cleaning. We’ll explain that at your next scheduled visit, the treatment consultation.
During your treatment consultation, which is at no charge, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of your mouth, using the digital photos we obtained at your first visit. This helps explain what treatment we are recommending for you, and helps you understand why we are recommending it.